Tuesday, March 18, 2014

New year ... Anticipation of many U.S. teams and continued discipleship with the rescued children

The ministry had a fruitful Fall with about 5 U.S. teams traveling here for a medical clinic, men's building project, and food ministry/VBS. During the month of December, FCM's founder, along with his wife, led several Christmas teams as they do every year. But this year, the Nowells had the help of missionaries Pat and Michelle Corley. They had many ministry opportunities as they provided much needed school supplies, toiletries, and food in the impoverished communities. With each opportunity, the Gospel was professed. Each team also enjoyed Christmas shopping with the ministry kids, a time our rescued children look forward to each year with much anticipation! During this time, the Womacks and our family were thankful to spend quality time with our families and to update our supporters.

Upon returning to Honduras in January, our boys immediately jumped back into the routine of school and all that entails. They attend an International school in the city. It is a bilingual school, which means their main courses are taught in English, while other classes are taught in Spanish. The school has certainly been a blessing for our family, and has helped our children better adapt to living in another culture. They continue to study Spanish and we hope that one day they will be fluent in the language. Gordon and I enjoy leading weekly discipleship classes with the children in the ministry.  When we aren't teaching, we make a point to spend time during the week with the children, so we can continue building the bond we have already established. We are thankful for the ways God intervenes as we disciple these amazing kids, and as we communicate with the people in the communities. It is such a privilege to take an active role in these kids lives, as we attempt to point them to Christ and teach them what it means to be a true follower of Christ.

Our first mission team arrived in January, with another team following shortly after. Gordon and I love going out into the impoverished communities along with the teams, giving out beans and rice, and  evangelizing in the communities. With each team, come more opportunities to demonstrate the love of Christ, and it's always exciting to see all God has in store for us as we follow His lead. We give God praise for allowing us to be His hands and feet!
We have two teams for the month of March, a medical team in April, and three teams expected in May. Once June hits, our ministry has a team EVERY week of the Summer with no breaks in between, so we anticipate an extremely busy Summer.

Team time. Gordon & Jared chosen to sing :)

VBS with the younger FCM kids
Some of our older girlies :-)

Bible study
Love their silliness!
FCM's newest girl, Vanessa

Just hanging with the girls for lunch
Out to eat with the guys in the ministry ~ fun evening of soccer too!
Playing w/the ministry boys ~ fun times!

Soccer w/FCM boys! 

Food ministry

Please continue to pray for our family as we serve God by serving the precious children and teens of this ministry. Pray always for our health and safety. Pray also for the upcoming U.S. teams as they minister both to the children in the ministry and in the impoverished communities. With this in mind, please continue to pray for the FCM children. Pray they will know Christ and grow closer to Him. Pray for all our missionaries as we work within the ministry and in the surrounding communities. Pray for the staff in the States and in Honduras. It is our prayer that we can glorify God in all we do and that many will come to know Him personally. We thank you in advance for your prayers!

Because He first loved us,
The Diegelmans

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Another busy Summer for the ministry ~

Every year as May approaches, so does the start of a very busy Summer for Forgotten Children Ministries. North American teams start arriving the last week of May, and they continue coming every week until the month of August. This Summer was no exception. FCM missionaries & staff prepared for the much anticipated Summer months; knowing that with each team, came a new agenda, filled with the many ways that we could be the hands & feet of Jesus. What a blessing to work on a weekly basis alongside such an amazing group of believers. Each group arrives with different gifts and talents.  As missionaries, and team members, it is a privilege to show the love of Christ, as we help meet their physical needs through food and clothing, and their spiritual needs through the Gospel. We still stand in awe of how a holy God can use such wretched souls as ours, yet we are thankful!

Bagging beans & rice

Team Canada teaches sewing

Playing games with Grace girls

Gordon spending time w/the younger FCM boys
Gordon sharing the Gospel at IHNFA (govt-run orphanage)

This Summer many people came to know Christ for the first time, while fellow brothers & sisters in Christ were strengthened in their faith. Many were encouraged through the food, clothes, and/or medicine that was provided through the teams. With every situation we encountered, we always prayed that God would be glorified. Please pray for all the new believers, God knows each one by name. Pray for God's Word to spread rapidly in this city. Pray that God would reveal Himself mightily to the people working in the government of Honduras and to the hundreds of gang members that are still lost. We want revival to take place in the hearts of these people, for change to occur, so it's people and this country can thrive. Pray that God will send more workers, "For the harvest is great but the workers are few." Many times it takes people like you and I to get involved, so if God is telling you to go, then what are you waiting for?? Go! But if He is saying to SEND, then please help send people here... & in other parts of the world to do His work. You can also get involved through short-term mission trips. In whatever way God is leading you, heed His call. He wants to work through all of His children.
A family that FCM ministers to regularly.
Precious in His sight

Josephe is about 90 years old

Some of our favorite people! Get to visit w/them regularly.
Just one of many sweet faces we encountered in the communities.
Food ministry

Grace girls
Weekly discipleship classes with the girls ~ LOVE this time!
Girls with their quiet time journals. Spending time alone with the Lord is a discipline we have emphasized even more this year.

One of their favorite games...object is to get the cookie in their mouth without using your hands!

Always time for fun & games!

Gordon is enjoying teaching God's Word with the FCM boys each week. Pray for him as he teaches them Biblical truths.

Ministering at IHNFA, a government-run orphanage. IHNFA is a safe place where children's physical needs are provided for who would otherwise be on the streets. This is a favorite place to visit for many teams. Teams come equipped with materials to share from God's Word, for craft making, and to give the children food. Generally there are about 75 or more children, ages from infancy to 17 years of age. Once they turn 18 they are on their own. Please pray for them as God does a work in their hearts. Pray they will have a strong relationship with Christ. Always a joy to be able to show the love of Christ to these precious souls.
Giving out pizza & soda

The girls love to have their picture made :)

Sharleen enjoying the sweet children

Steve & his son sharing the Gospel with the girls

Teams always enjoy going out to the farm to spend quality time with the older FCM boys.
Teams also enjoy attending the church with the older FCM boys. Many of these young men have leadership roles within the church.  It is evident that God is doing a work in their lives! Love being able to worship with these boys & the people in this community.

Stan sharing about future building plans to move the entire ministry to one location. It will also allow FCM to rescue more street children. Please pray as God brings these plans to fruition!

Older guys taking part in the church service

Some of FCM's older boys

Playing games with the team.

THANK YOU for your continued support & prayers. Our family appreciates your partnership so we can continue doing the work God has put before us. We are extremely thankful to be a part of each one of these kid's lives, what an honor. It is evident that God is at work within this ministry. Please continue to pray for us, and the other missionaries, as we serve alongside Forgotten Children Ministries. Pray that God will use us to help make a difference in the lives of these children and in the lives of the people living in the communities of Tegucigalpa. Pray for the FCM kids as God works in their hearts and draws them closer to Him. And finally, please continue to pray for our family. 

Psalm 82: 3-4, "Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless; maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed. Rescue the weak and needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked."

Because He first loved us,
The Diegelmans